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Billy Talent Drummer Healing After Mic Stand Toss

According to the MuchMusic news, Billy Talent were playin

a show in Edmonton earlier this week when their typically rambunctious singer Ben Kowalewicz tossed a broken mic stand behind him. The problem was, as anyone familiar with a four-piece band configuration will tell you, most band's drummers sit directly behind where the lead singer stands, meaning the discarded stand went flying straight into drummer Aaron Solowoniuk's vicinity. The stand clocked him in the head good, rendering poor Solowoniuk unconscious.

Needless to say, the show immediately screeched to a halt and Solowoniuk was rushed to a nearby hospital. Solowoniuk's head was stitched up (18 stitches!) and he was sent on his merry way.

Luckily for the band, Solowoniuk can continue with his touring commitments.

Billy Talent Tubing Mishap

Billy Talent won't be performing soon due to a freak tubing accident that resulted in multiple injuries to the band's drummer, Aaron. Their show scheduled for July 18 at Lee's Palace has been cancelled.

Ben K of the band sent an apologetic email to the fans saying the doctors have ordered Aaron to not perform right now. But after being side-swiped by an oncoming boat and having a rib broken, you can understand what all the fuss is about. K says they are just thankful Aaron is alive and they understand that he needs some rehabilitation time.

While still undergoing tests and seeking medical attention, Aaron's spirits have been lifted by the generosity and support of Billy Talent fans. "I really appreciate all the support I've received since the accident," he says, "and I want everyone to know I'm 100 per cent committed to getting back behind the drums as soon as physically possible." Are a Canadian pop-punk outfit, Talent's debut disc, Watoosh, was recorded by Brad Nelson and Daryl Smith (Sloan). The band are giving Aaron two weeks recuperation time before getting back into the studio to record their next album and hopefully, if all goes well, Toronto-based fans will get to catch Billy Talent at the Horseshoe Tavern August 24 when they're scheduled to play with the New Town Animals.

"As long as the doctors give him the O.K., we plan to record and keep our commitments to record and do the shows we've booked for August and September," says K.


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