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Ben:I Want My Mommy!..My Moms Crazy She Calls Me 100 Times A Day What The Fuck Does That Mean.-Billy Talent Cd

"I miss my mommey! actually, my moms a freak she calls me every five seconds!"-Ben

"how many people were here our last show at this venue? You filthy liars there were only like 20 people here!"-Ben

"Stay close to rock and roll so it stays close to you."-Ben

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" -Ben

"interviewer: Where do you see the band in five years? Ten years?

Ben:All with severe heroin addiction in a big downward spiral (laughing)."

"I think a lot of times when I am writing I look at different people situations, stories, and insights. I think a lot of times music can be a form of story telling. I think that is what is lacking a lot of the time now in music. I really like to tell a story and go from other peoples perspectives and points of view." -Ben

"I can honestly tell you that I believe in fate, and I believe in meeting people, and I believe in everything happening for a reason."-Ben

"don't hit a girl because girls make the fucking world go round"-Ben

I have it down to a science because I've been doing it for like 5 years now but if you really wanna know it's just a process of 'comb the hair up, spray on a little bit of hairspray, and then blow-dry it'. then repeat all around. I don't use Mazola corn Oil. That would be gross. I just say something like that because it's annoying to get asked about my hair in interviews.-Ian

Dude:K...Go.Ben:Ahh!....Ahh Its Hot man!!:Dude:I Hear Jackass Was Recruiting Some Jackasses U Wanna Join:Ben:Thats Not Jackass Its Erotic-Billy Talent Video Clip

Ben Saying To Aaron.

Do You Imagine My Face On All Your Drums

And Thats Why You Hit Them So Hard!?

*Ben Pointing To Aaron*

Ben:Like I Cant Stand That Guy If He Looks At Me For More Then Three Seconds I Am Gonna Punch Him In The Face. *The Band Laughs*-Egos And Icons

What Did U Only Eat On The Tour? Aaron:Beef Jerky And Ju Jubes . Guy:Anything U Can Find At A Truck Stop?

Ben:Water And Gatorade.Ian:Beef Jerky And Gatorade-Egos And Icons

"I'm just blown away every time ... I turn on the radio and hear our song." — Billy Talent's Benjamin

Thankes For Reading!!